Through a combination of thoughtful planning and attention to detail, our goal is to build a home that you and your family will cherish for years to come.

Andy Rosenthal: “Having done this for over 30 years, I still love so many things about the home building process. I think my favorite part of the process is creating the home itself. I get to take what starts as an idea and gradually, over weeks and months, watch that idea become a home for your family.

I visit the house almost every single day from start to finish. My goal is to ensure that all aspects of the work are executed to our exacting standards. I’m always looking for ways to improve both the process and the product.

When I finally hand the keys over, I have mixed emotions. I am so invested in the final product. It is always hard for me to stop making daily visits to the house, but it is also gratifying to see the house I created become a home for a wonderful family.”

Emily Rosenthal: “One of my favorite aspects of the home building process is earning the trust of our homeowners. It is that moment when a homeowner realizes that we are all on the same team — that what we are all working towards is getting them into a home they are delighted with at a price that is fair.

Sometimes it takes days. Sometimes weeks. But when it happens — when we all start working together to make their vision a reality — it is so worth it. That is one of my happiest moments in the home building process.”