About Us

Led by managing director, Andy Rosenthal, Rollingwood Builders was established in 2015 and is a custom homebuilding company in the Metro Washington DC area. Andy started building homes 40 years ago in 1977. Andy says, “ I still love so many things about the home building process…my favorite part is creating the home itself. I get to take what starts as an idea and gradually, over weeks and months, watch that idea become a home for your family.

I visit the house almost every single day from start to finish. My goal is to ensure that all aspects of the work are executed to our exacting standards. I’m always looking for ways to improve both the process and the product.

New home building takes a creative team – Rollingwood has worked with well-established architects such as Claude Lapp, Studio Z, and re:new architects to create modern floorplans with a focus on high ceilings, enhancing natural lighting and providing open entertaining spaces.

Emily Rosenthal brings her 35+ years of design experience to the team. For custom projects she works with their clients on all aspects of design and finish. “One of my favorite aspects of the home building process is earning the trust of our homeowners. It is that moment when a homeowner realizes that we are all on the same team — that what we are all working towards is getting them into a home they are delighted with at a price that is fair.”


Passion and Excellence in Home Building

From Saddlebrook Homes to Rosenthal Homes to Buildsmart Consulting to Rollingwood Builders, the Rosenthals have managed the construction of and sold over 350 homes in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Put their extensive experience and knowledge of the building industry to work for you.

For more information please call (301) 938-2040 or email Emily Rosenthal at emily@rollingwoodbuilders.com

Activities and Achievements:

  • Life Director of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • Past Chair of the Custom Builders Committee NAHB
  • Education Committee NAHB
  • Past Chair of the Home Technology Alliance NAHB
  • Life Director of the Maryland National Building Industry Association (MNCBIA) now MBIA
  • Past Chair of the Custom Builders Committee MNCBIA
  • Current Member of the Custom Builders Committee MBIA
  • Past Chair of the Education Committee MNCBIA
  • Custom Builder of the Year 2007
  • Pacesetter Award from Custom Builder Magazine for Construction Process
  • Certified Green Builder, NAHB
  • Certified Health House Builder, American Lung Association
  • Graduate Master Builder, NAHB
  • Current Member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association